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    Nestled in the heart of Galena, OH, where families and friends come together to create enduring memories, the demand for unique and beautiful homes is ever-present. Whether you’re a young family embarking on the journey of establishing your first home, an empty nester seeking a cozy retreat, or envisioning an estate that stands out, Galena caters to diverse needs. Enhancing your living space through renovations or room additions in Galena, OH, can breathe new life into your home, ensuring safety, functionality, and aesthetic allure.


    Choosing the right partner for your home remodeling project is paramount, as it is an investment that pays off when entrusted to the perfect team. At Steller Construction, we offer a winning formula for successful home makeovers, boasting a top-notch team that meets deadlines and adheres to your budget constraints. If you’re looking for a reliable home remodeling company specializing in room additions in Galena, OH, your search ends here. 

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    Why Choose Us for Your Home Renovation?

    With over thirty years of experience aiding homeowners in the surrounding community, we have a demonstrated history of transforming your envisioned remodel into a tangible reality. Steller Construction stands out as a residential remodeling contractor, providing comprehensive services that include installing and repairing roofs, siding, windows, doors, chimneys,
    and more.

    Industry expertise 1

    Industry Expertise

    With an extensive portfolio of home renovations, we guarantee a seamless renovation experience and exceptional results. Please closely examine our previous residential projects in
    photo gallery.

    Authorized service providers

    Authorized Service Providers

    As authorized service providers, we uphold unwavering quality and safety standards, verified by our seasoned team. Explore our page to learn more about our exceptionally qualified professionals.

    Customer satisfaction

    100% Customer Satisfaction

    Our primary commitment is ensuring customer satisfaction. We take immense pride in our testimonials and strong client relationships. Regardless of the project’s complexity, we focus on meeting your needs. We pay meticulous attention to every detail, striving for excellence from the beginning.

    Budget friendly


    Apart from providing transparent and fair quotes, we employ strategic approaches to maximize the value of your remodeling budget, ensuring outstanding results. We understand the delicate balance of giving your home a rejuvenated appearance while adhering to your budget. For further insights on what to anticipate during your home remodel, click here.

    About Steller Construction and Room Additions in Galena, OH

    Founded in 2013 by Tim Hunter and Bryan Lipps, Steller Construction emerged from the collective two-decade experience of these entrepreneurs and former restaurant managers as they transitioned into the construction industry. Our recognition of a market gap in Galena, OH drove the establishment of Steller. Our steadfast dedication to customer satisfaction has positioned us as a rapidly advancing force in both the residential and commercial sectors.

    We are proud recipients of the NARI of Central Ohio Regional CotY Award for an entire home remodel.

    What Our Customers Are Saying About Steller Bathroom Remodeling in Dublin

    As a company, we take pride in our customer testimonials. Our relationships with our customers are evident in the review:

    We encourage you to look at what our past customers say about us by reading some of our testimonials. We take great pride in our customer relationships, as you can see in their reviews.

    The key to our success is the use of quality materials, new technology, and a skilled staff that produces top-quality workmanship. You can be assured that Steller Construction will make your bathroom remodeling project stand the test of time.

    If looking for a remodel that you can be proud of, let Steller construction work on your project. Their staff are keen on details and offer quality workmanship.



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    Customer Feedback on Steller Room Additions in Galena, OH

    We value the feedback from our customers and take pride in the testimonials that showcase the strong relationships we’ve built. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the reviews we receive. Explore what our past customers say about us by delving into our testimonials. The positive reviews are a testament to our strong connections with our customers.

    The foundation of our success lies in using premium materials, cutting-edge technology, and a highly skilled staff that consistently delivers top-notch workmanship. With Steller Construction, you can trust that your bathroom remodeling project will withstand the test of time.

    If you’re seeking a remodel that fills you with pride, entrust your project to Steller Construction. Our meticulous staff pays close attention to details and ensures the delivery of quality workmanship.

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    At the heart of our principles is a commitment to prioritizing customer service, expert craftsmanship, efficiency, and unwavering attention to detail. Furthermore, we consistently adjust to market dynamics to offer clients an improved experience at a cost that is friendly to your budget. Our primary emphasis is on both residential and commercial construction projects.

    We take immense satisfaction in unlocking the full potential of your home. Contact us today if you need a trustworthy home remodeling company that specializes in room additions in Galena, OH!