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    Transform Your Kitchen With the Exceptional Remodeling Services Provided by Stellar Construction

    There are numerous motivations for considering a kitchen remodel. Whether you desire to incorporate a new sink, optimize space by removing obstacles, or introduce additional cabinets for enhanced storage, our comprehensive services have you covered. We are one of the best kitchen remodeling contractors in Dublin, Ohio, that can bring your vision for a kitchen remodel, regardless of its scale, to fruition.

    We are proud recipients of the NARI of Central Ohio Regional CotY Award for an entire home remodel.

    Expert Kitchen Remodeling Services

    At Stellar Construction, we prioritize close collaboration with our clients to actualize their vision and execute projects streamlined and efficient. Our remodeling team possesses the expertise to handle all your desired upgrades, be it installing new countertops, light fixtures, flooring, or lighting. No matter the scope of your requirements, we are fully equipped to fulfill them with the utmost professionalism.


    By undertaking a kitchen remodeling project, you can optimize your kitchen’s square footage through strategic design and space planning, resulting in a successful transformation. This endeavor enables you to enhance storage capacity, elevate safety and comfort levels, and ultimately augment the value of your home.

    How Does the Kitchen Remodeling Process Work?

    Like all home renovation projects handled by Stellar Construction, kitchen remodeling follows a structured process. Our journey begins with a comprehensive design consultation to understand your requirements and desires.


    After the design consultation, considering your budget, the next step involves carefully choosing the materials that will compose your revamped kitchen. While custom cabinetry and marble floor tiling are excellent options, we can also accommodate your preferences with hardwood and porcelain alternatives. Even if you’re aiming for a vintage kitchen style, we can achieve it with a budget-friendly approach.


    Lastly, we move on to the construction phase, providing you with a clear timeline outlining the duration our team will diligently work on your kitchen until the project is completed.

    Various Categories of Kitchen Remodeling Services

    Kitchen remodeling contractor in dublin oh

    Our cabinet installation services aim to enhance your kitchen’s storage capacity, facilitating a more efficient cooking experience. By freeing up valuable counter space and providing designated storage for appliances, you can effortlessly organize your kitchen and conveniently put away items when they are not in use.


    Opting for countertop replacement will not only enhance the accessibility of your kitchen but also provide ample space to prepare larger and more elaborate meals for your family. Upgrading your countertops can create a more functional cooking environment that caters to your culinary needs.


    Replacing your kitchen flooring can address issues such as sagging, buckling, and water damage, ensuring a sturdy and safe surface for foot movement. This flooring replacement will rectify any existing damage and provide reliable support for your family members as they navigate the kitchen area.

    Stellar Construction is at the forefront of the latest kitchen remodeling trends, offering the following options:


    • Kitchen Islands: We provide kitchen islands that maximize storage options, adding functionality while eliminating the need for a separate kitchen table.


    • Layered Lighting: Our services include installing layered lighting, such as under-cabinet LEDs, additional task lighting above the sink and other areas, and over-cabinet LEDs. This enhances the depth and provides a polished, finished look.


    • Custom Range Hoods: We offer custom range hoods that provide efficient ventilation and add an aesthetically pleasing touch. These hoods break up the angular lines of the cabinetry, and we offer options such as prefabricated metal hoods in various finishes.


    • Color Contrast Design: We specialize in creating visually exciting kitchens through color contrast design. This involves using two different cabinetry colors to add depth and intrigue to your kitchen space.
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    Exemplary Artistry and Workmanship

    Stellar Construction’s remodeling services utilize premium-grade materials that our experienced craftsmen will skillfully install in your kitchen.

    Explore our collection of testimonials and discover the valuable feedback shared by our previous clients regarding our work. We take great pride in our exceptional customer service and our strong relationships with each client.

    What Sets Stellar Construction Apart as the Ideal Choice?

    With our meticulous attention to detail, unwavering dedication to customer service, and competitive pricing, you can trust that Stellar Construction will expertly handle your remodeling project.

    Stellar Construction’s co-partner, Bryan Lipps, and Commercial Superintendent, Rob Reisdorf, have achieved the Certified Remodeler (CR) designation bestowed by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, underscoring their exceptional expertise and qualifications.

    What Our Customers Are Saying About Steller Bathroom Remodeling in Dublin

    As a company, we take pride in our customer testimonials. Our relationships with our customers are evident in the review:

    We encourage you to look at what our past customers say about us by reading some of our testimonials. We take great pride in our customer relationships, as you can see in their reviews.

    The key to our success is the use of quality materials, new technology, and a skilled staff that produces top-quality workmanship. You can be assured that Steller Construction will make your bathroom remodeling project stand the test of time.

    If looking for a remodel that you can be proud of, let Steller construction work on your project. Their staff are keen on details and offer quality workmanship.



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