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Dave Covington is the Director of Historic Preservation and Restoration for Steller Construction. Dave has spent decades doing Historic Restoration and Preservation projects helping to build two other well-known Historic Preservation and Restoration companies from the ground up prior to coming to Steller Preservation. Dave has extensive knowledge, training and experience with global standards set by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre and the National Preservation Briefs to guide conservation of the world’s historic treasures. From Stone Carving and all types of Masonry Restoration to Log Cabins and Historic Window Restoration. Dave’s depth of knowledge is well known by those who know him.

Tim Huter graduated from Miami University with a Bachelors in Business Administration. He has spent his career in numerous leadership capacities in various types of restaurant concepts, including the startup and growth of Hoggy’s BBQ & Catering until 2010, where he was in charge of successful new builds and conversions. He moved to multi-unit Operations Management for Panera Bread and consulting for the Steak Escape chain, Sporting Goods concepts, and other real estate investment projects.

He worked with Bryan Lipps much of his career as the Managing Partner of Hoggy’s where they built and remodeled several of their locations. In 2013 he and Bryan joined forces to start a Real Estate Investment & Home Remodeling Company, where they have grown sales each year and provided strong returns for investors along the way.

In 2017 they added several marquee projects including a major renovation of the Cincinnati Union Terminal, multiple restaurants, office and retail remodels and conversions.

Nick Adams is a young and upcoming Superintendent with a passion for working in historic structures and has worked with Dave for 3 plus years learning masonry, historic plaster and stucco and wood restoration.

Randy Brown is a Masonry Foreman with 23 years experience in historic masonry restoration.

Bryan Lipps is from Delaware, Ohio and attended The Ohio State University pursuing a Bachelors in Business Administration. He spent the first 15 years of his management career helping the Hoggy’s BBQ & Catering chain grow from 1 location to more than 10. During his time there he held various titles, some simultaneously,¬†including General Manager, Regional Manager, Corporate Chef, COO, Director of Construction and ultimately Partner of various locations.

He worked with Tim Huter all of his 15 years at Hoggy’s where they evolved a strong business relationship built on complimenting each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Over his career, at Hoggy’s he realized his passion was really in another field, or rather a combination of fields. Real Estate, Real Estate Development, Residential Construction, Commercial Construction and ultimately Historical Preservation. Bryan currently holds multiple licenses and certifications including a Real Estate License, Commercial General Contractors License, Residential General Contractors License, EPA and State of Ohio Certifications and Licences for Radon Testing and Mitigation.

For the last several years Bryan and Tim have had major success building a strong Real Estate Investment business buying, selling and rehabilitating residential and commercial buildings and building Steller Construction into a well known and successful Commercial and Residential General Contractor. In the last two years, they have built a Historical Preservation team with over 50 years experience.

Pablo Martinez is a mason with over 20 years experience and has worked with Dave for 15 of those years honing his skills in masonry, plaster, stucco and steel window restoration.

Randy Henry is our Historic Preservation and Commercial foreman that has grown with Steller’s Historic Preservation Division since the beginning and have spent a large portion of their time working on Historic Masonry Preservation and Restoration projects and Historic Log Cabin projects.

Mike Greco is a skilled Mason who has spent his career on a mix of residential and commercial Historic Masonry projects over the last 20 years.

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